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My work is the culmination of twelve years of mixing, wedging, throwing clay, and firing a twenty four cubic foot kiln.  A pottery class at Slippery Rock University in 1991 introduced me to the medium of clay.  In 1994 I began my full time career in clay at the Pottery Dome near Grove City, Pennsylvania.  The work at the Pottery Dome has been an incredibly unique and creatively enriching experience.  It has shown me the discipline necessary to complete custom orders for functional work and maintain new works for the sales area.  At the same time working at the Pottery Dome has given me the freedom to work and search new directions.  Since 1994 I have slowly shifted from a Bernard Leach/Mingi folk craft style to a more monumental style influenced by ancient cultures and architecture.  The physical action of making pottery tied to the versatility and permanence of the material continues to bring gratification and excitement from each new work.

Robert Isenberg

Two miles West of the Grove City Outlets
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atwater pottery bowls 2347 Leesburg - Grove City Rd
Mercer, PA 16137